Continuing Undergraduate Student

Steps for Successful Enrollment

Things To Do Right Away

Step 1: Obtain financial aid

(Questions? Call: 800-656-2315, email:

  • Submit your FAFSA

    The FAFSA is a federal aid form for any government-sponsored grants or loans. Complete the FAFSA form using school code 003799 for WWU. To sign the form electronically, apply for a PIN.

  • Submit a WWU financial aid application

    WWU offers financial aid separate from federal programs.

  • Complete the verification process (if you are required to do so)

    The government selects about 30% of FAFSA applications for verification. You will be required to submit documentation (such as signed tax papers, W2 forms, and a verification worksheet).

  • Receive your financial aid award packet from WWU

    You will receive a financial aid packet from WWU which shows your complete aid (loans, grants, work study, etc.) and your payment plan. Review your plan with a financial aid counselor and follow-up as instructed. If there are extenuating circumstances in your family finances not reflected on the FAFSA, let us know.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have completed Step 1 and be accepted before a financial aid award packet can be sent to you.
  • Complete required paperwork to accept your student loans

    You will be notified to complete the promissory notes and entrance interviews for your student loans.

Step 2: Access your WWU account

(Questions? Call: 509-527-2317)

  • myWWU will serve as your WWU information resource

    If you do not know your access ID or password, call Information Services (IS) during normal business hours at (509) 527-2317.

Step 3: Arrange for housing

(Questions? Call: 509-527-2109, email:

  • Residence hall housing

    You should have made residence hall housing arrangements before leaving campus. If not, contact the residence hall.

  • Off-campus university housing

    IMPORTANT: Must be 22 years of age, senior status, married, or have children to qualify. Enrollment fee payment is required before you can be assigned housing and matched to a roommate.

    • Submit a Housing Application. Once we receive your form we will add you to our wait list and contact you via phone or email when housing becomes available.

    • Once you are assigned an apartment/house, you must submit a non-refundable housing fee ($165 to $330) to hold your reservation.

    • We will mail you a confirmation letter that provides the details of the move and an important Village Housing Clearance form.

      IMPORTANT: Bring the Village Housing Clearance form with you to campus -- it must be submitted once you arrive on campus. This Village Housing Clearance form is ONLY available via mail.

    • The Village Housing Clearance form requires you to get signatures from two offices: Student Life and Student Financial Services.

    • Student Life Clearance: Login to myWWU to complete an Off-Campus Eligibility Application (you must have your WWU mailing address before you complete and submit this application). Then get a signature from Sheila Meharry (509-527-2511).

    • Student Financial Clearance: Complete FAFSA and WWU Financial Aid Applications. Obtain financial clearance for the upcoming quarter. Then get a signature from any of the financial counselors.

    • Fill out your housing contract and receive your key.

  • Off-campus non-university housing (must be approved by Student Life, 509-527-2511).

Step 4: Register in courses

(Questions? Call: 800-558-2132, email:

  • You are likely already pre-registered

    You should already be pre-registered for your classes but it would be a good idea to recheck on your registration on your myWWU account.

  • If you have not pre-registered

    You should decide on your tentative class schedule and then contact your academic adviser (They must click an approval box for you to pre-register). Once your adviser has approved, you should be able to register for your courses on myWWU. If you are unable to contact your adviser call the Academic Advisement Office. (509-527-2132 or 800-558-2132 for assistance).

Step 5: Submit health information

(Questions? Call: 509-527-2425, email:

  • Campus Health and Wellness (CHW) requires one document

    As part of a healthy campus, the following requirements must be completed prior to registration finalization.

    • Insurance Waiver form.
      • Log into myWWU and navigate to 'Student Center' > 'Self Service' > 'Forms' > 'Health Insurance'.

      • DOMESTIC undergraduate students are required to purchase Student Health Insurance. The mandatory insurance fee will be waived with documentation of current medical insurance coverage within a 20-mile radius of WWU.

      • All INTERNATIONAL students (including Canadian) are required to purchase the mandatory Student Health Insurance (see WWU Financial bulletin for details).

  • A copy of all completed forms MUST BE SENT DIRECTLY to:

    Campus Health and Wellness
    133 S. College Ave. Suite 101
    College Place, WA 99324

    or faxed to: (509) 527-2426, or submitted online through myWWU.

Step 6: Register your vehicle

Questions? Call: (509) 527-2222

  • Register your vehicle

    Visit the Campus Security office after you arrive on campus.
    Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    (Online registration is not available at this time)

    Any vehicle that will be parked on campus must be registered through WWU Campus Security. A $25 fee will be charged for failure to register.

    Campus Security location:

      309 South College Ave
      College Place, WA 99324

    24-hour tel (509) 527-2222

Step 7: Financial clearance - Midsummer

(Questions? Call: 800-656-2815, email:

  • Login to your myWWU account
    • Click "Registration Clearance" tab.

    • Choose "Financial Plan/Checklist".

    • Review your personalized budget and make any necessary adjustments.

    • Choose your cafeteria plan. Review your payment plan and make your down payment.

    • Complete any remaining items such as loan promissory notes, loan entrance interviews or other financial aid forms.

    • Select who will receive your monthly statements. Sign payment agreement electronically.

Things To Do Once You Arrive On Campus

Step 8: Final Housing Clearance

(Questions? Call: 509-527-2109 email:

Step 9: Probation Clearance

Step 10: Finalizing

  • You must clear all your registration holds before finalizing your enrollment.

    If you do not finalize your enrollment then you cannot check out materials at the library or charge to your account at the cafeteria, Dairy Express, or University Shop.

  • Access myWWU.
  • If you have a problem with your myWWU login/password, please call the Information Services help desk at 509-527-2317.

Step 10: Purchase your books AFTER you've finalized your enrollment

  • Best Option:

    • New students may purchase textbooks from the University Bookstore during JumpStart on “New Student Night.”

      • Used books, e-textbooks and rental textbooks are available for many courses.

      • If financially cleared, students can charge books to their WWU account.

    Good Option:

    • Purchase books in the University Bookstore while student is attending JumpStart.

      • If a credit/debit card is used, the student must have that card or information should they need to return a book.

    Worst Option:

    • Purchase books elsewhere:

      • May have incorrect editions, incomplete bundles, or be missing discs or access codes required for the course.

      • Bundles are only available in the University Bookstore (Software, web login, etc.)

Questions? Call: 800-541-8900, email:, fax: 509-527-2397.