New Undergraduate Student

Steps to Enrollment

How to Get Started

Step 1: Apply online

For questions about the application process call (800) 541-8900 or email

Fill out the application

Go to to create your application account.

Pay the $40 application fee and submit your application. After you submit your application you will receive an email that acknowledges your submission and gives additional instructions.

Submit a personal reference

Ask one person who knows your academic ability and personal skills to complete the Enrollment Reference Form online.

Transfer students for the Portland campus nursing program must submit a total of three references (2 more in addition to the one required above) and have additional admission requirements.

Send ACT or SAT test scores

All new freshmen (and transfer students with fewer than 30 quarter hours of transfer credits) must provide either ACT or SAT scores. You may send ACT or SAT test scores electronically through their respective web sites, or you may send your test scores to the WWU Admissions Office at the address below.

For 2016-17 applicants, WWU will accept both the new SAT and the old SAT. We will compare your scores using concordance tables to determine your highest scores on either the new SAT or old SAT.

Send transcripts

Download the Transcript Release Request form, send it to your current and previous schools, and ask them to send your transcripts to the address below. We need transcripts from these schools:

  • The high school or academy from which you have graduated or will graduate
  • All colleges and universities from which you have taken classes
  • Do not include classes taken at Walla Walla University

If you have not yet graduated from high school, that's ok, just ask your school to send a partial transcript. We can admit you and, if you are eligible, award your scholarship based on your sixth semester transcript.

If you have completed a GED, send official documentation to the address below.

Admissions office address

Walla Walla University Admissions
204 S. College Ave
College Place, WA 99324

After You Have Been Accepted

Step 2: Activate your account at myWWU

For questions about getting access to myWWU call (509) 527-2317 or email

MyWWU is the online entry portal for the apps you will use at WWU. Once you are admitted we will send you an email with details on how to activate your university email address and myWWU account.

Two commonly used apps at WWU are PeopleSoft and HighPoint. PeopleSoft has the most capabilities for managing your student information. It is designed for use on desktop computers.

HighPoint has fewer features, but is designed to use on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Financial Clearance and Registration Finalization can only be done in HighPoint.

  • Follow the instructions in the acceptance email you received to access myWWU.
  • Remember your myWWU account name and password. You will use this throughout your academic career at WWU.

Step 3: Apply for financial aid

For questions about financial aid call (800) 656-2315 or email

Submit a FAFSA form

The Free Application for Federal Student aid, or FAFSA, is a federal aid form for grants and loans. Use the school code for Walla Walla University: 003799. To sign the form electronically, set up your Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID). This step is open to all U.S. citizens, permanent residents and residents of U.S. territories.

Complete the verification process (if required)

The government selects about 30 percent of FAFSA applications for verification. You will be required to submit documentation (such as signed tax papers, W2 forms, and a verification worksheet).

Submit a WWU Financial Aid Application

Complete the WWU financial aid application. Your myWWU account and password will be required.

WWU offers financial aid separate from federal programs. Canadian students are welcome to submit this application as well; WWU offers some financial aid to Canadian students.

Review your financial aid award packet from WWU

Once you have completed the above, you will receive a financial aid packet from WWU which shows your complete aid (loans, grants, work study, etc.) and your payment plan. Review your plan with a financial aid counselor. If there are extenuating circumstances in your family finances that are not reflected on the FAFSA, please call a financial aid counselor.

You must be accepted to WWU before a financial aid award packet can be sent to you.

Complete the paperwork to accept your student loans

You will be notified to complete the promissory notes and entrance interviews for your student loans.

International Students

International and Canadian students do not need to fill out the FAFSA.

Step 4: Pay your enrollment fee

For questions about the enrollment fee call (800) 541-8900 or email

Pay your enrollment fee

If you are enrolling for six or more credit hours, a $200 non-refundable enrollment fee is required and will allow you to enroll in classes and reserve your housing.

Pay online (you'll need your myWWU account and password)

Or, send a $200 check to:

Walla Walla University Admissions
204 S. College Ave
College Place, WA 99324

Receive your rebate after school starts

A $100 rebate will be refunded to your account at the start of the first quarter if your fee is paid by the following deadline:

  • For Fall enrollment, pay by April 30
  • For Winter/Spring/Summer enrollment, pay two weeks before the first day of the quarter.

After Paying Your Enrollment Fee

Step 5: Arrange for housing

Please familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements for student housing. These include requirements for both on-campus, as well as off-campus housing.

Living in a residence hall

For questions about women's residence hall housing call (509) 527-2531, or email

For questions about men's residence hall housing call (509) 527-2111, or email

Students planning to live in a residence hall must submit a Residence Hall Housing Application in the Abode HMS housing system (sign-in to myWWU is required).

Living off-campus

For questions about off-campus housing options call (509) 527-2109 or email

To live outside of the residence halls in university-owned housing, students must meet certain eligibility requirements or receive approval from the Director of Residential Life and Housing. After verifying your eligibility or receiving approval, you may arrange for housing outside of residence halls.

If you wish to rent housing from WWU, submit an Application for WWU Owned Housing.

Living at home

Students planning to live at home should email and indicate your housing plans.

Step 6: Enroll in classes

For questions about enrolling in classes contact the office of Academic Advisement at (800) 558-2132 or (509) 527-2132 or email

If you are a freshman and met with an academic advisor at your high school or academy, then you may already be enrolled in classes. If so, you can view your class schedule on myWWU.

After logging into myWWU use the Enter Student Center drop-down menu to select either HighPoint > Dashboard or PeopleSoft > Student Center Classic. (For tablets and smart phones, HighPoint is better.)

You can add, swap, or drop classes using HighPoint or PeopleSoft. If you need assistance enrolling in classes contact the office of Academic Advisement.

After Mid-May

Step 7: Register for JumpStart

For questions about JumpStart call (800) 558-2132 or (509) 527-2132 or email

If your first quarter will be either summer or fall, enroll in JumpStart, WWU’s freshmen experience program. JumpStart is offered during the week before fall quarter classes begin. JumpStart registration opens each year in mid-May. Register for JumpStart at

After July 1

Step 8: Submit health information

For questions about health information, call the Adventist Health University Clinic at (509) 527-2425 or email

Complete the immunization history form

If this step is required, it will be listed in your To Do’s in the Student Center in myWWU. If you have questions, contact the Adventist Health University Clinic at (509) 527-2425 or

Review your health insurance

All undergraduate students and graduate international students taking more than 6 credits must be covered by a health insurance plan. Please make sure that you have coverage throughout your entire education at Walla Walla University.

Physical exam

A complete physical is recommended for new students. This examination can be performed by your regular physician or you can contact the University Clinic to schedule an appointment with the nurse practitioner.

Fill out the TB screening form

New students must fill out a tuberculosis (TB) screening form.

Address and Fax number

Adventist Health University Clinic
133 S. College Ave, Suite 101
College Place, WA 99324

Fax: (509) 527-2426

After Mid-August

Step 9: Get financial clearance

For questions about financial clearance call (800) 656-2815 or email

Complete your financial clearance to-do items

If you want to sail smoothly through financial clearance, get your holds and to-do items done before starting financial clearance.

You can view your holds and to-do items in either myWWU > Student Center or myWWU > HighPoint.

Complete any remaining items such as loan promissory notes, loan entrance interview or other financial aid forms.

Financial clearance

Financial clearance for fall quarter normally opens in mid-August. For other quarters, financial clearance normally opens a few weeks before the start of the quarter. Watch for an email notification about the date for an opening of financial clearance.

Financial clearance can be done online through myWWU > HighPoint after you have completed your financial clearance holds. Use the Financial Clearance menu option in myWWU.

After Arriving on Campus

Step 10: On Campus Items

Finish your holds and to-do items

The secret for getting through registration smoothly is to get your holds and to-do items done. Review your holds and to-do items in either myWWU > Student Center or myWWU > HighPoint. Use HighPoint if you are using a tablet or smartphone.

Make final housing arrangements

Make your final housing arrangements with your residence hall or with Village Housing.

Attend JumpStart sessions

If your first quarter of attendance is in the summer or fall, attend JumpStart sessions during the week before classes start in the fall.

If required, get clearance from Academic Administration

Students who were admitted provisionally and returning students who are on academic probation from their previous quarter require clearance from Academic Administration. Make an appointment with the Office of the Associate Academic Dean at (509) 527-2395.

Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
Administration Building, Room 336
204 S College Ave
College Place, WA 99324

See your academic advisor

Refer to your individual JumpStart schedule for the date and time of your appointment with your academic advisor.

You must meet with your academic adviser in order to complete the registration process.

Get your ID card

Get your ID card at the location and time mentioned in your JumpStart schedule. Your ID card will be activated for charging when you complete Registration Finalization — also known as Jumping Einstein.

Finalize your registration

In myWWU > HighPoint select Registration Finalization in the Enrollment menu to start the registration finalization process.

See Jumping Einstein

You know you are finished with registration when you see the graphic of Jumping Einstein™. Once you have seen Jumping Einstein, it takes about 60 minutes for your ID card to be activated for charging at The Express and the University Bookstore.

Register your vehicle

After you are on campus and have received registration finalization for the term, register your vehicle with Campus Security.

Purchase your books

After you have seen Jumping Einstein, purchase your books at the University Bookstore. Use the View quarter Textbooks link in myWWU > Student Center; the system will automatically populate the page with the textbooks that you need for the classes in which you are enrolled.

New students have a special time reserved for them to purchase textbooks from the University Bookstore during the week before fall quarter starts. Watch for announcements of the particular date.

Review the syllabus for each of your classes

Before the first day of classes, review the course syllabus for each of your classes. The course syllabus and homework information is available on Desire2Learn (D2L).

Attend the Welcome Back Bash

The Welcome Back Bash occurs on the Sunday evening before fall quarter classes start. You may check out all the various clubs and sign up online. You must have seen Jumping Einstein before you can sign up for clubs.