Freshmen Undergraduate Requirements

Students who have not received post-secondary credit from another institution after the summer of their high school graduation.

Minimum requirements for admission include:

  • A grade-point average of 2.5. Transcripts from some island territories have a higher grade-point average requirement.
  • Graduation and official transcripts from an accredited secondary school or the completion of the GED exam and the ACT/SAT test with satisfactory scores (see the Admission by Examination section).
  • Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution attended.
  • Completion of the ACT and/or SAT test if transferring less than 30 quarter hours. This is required for academic advisement.
  • One satisfactory personal reference.

Students with United States system secondary school background should present the following semester credits for admission:

Course Semester Credits
English 40
History 20
Algebra I 10
Algebra II 10
Geometry 10
Science 10
Laboratory Science 10

In addition to the requirements for admission, the following semester credits are highly recommended for entrance to the undergraduate curriculum:

Course Semester Credits
Foreign Language 20
Social Studies 10
Science (same as math) 10
(additional courses should be
taken in the junior or senior year)

*Each year a limited number of students are admitted on provisional/probationary status who lack one or more of the subjects required for entrance or whose grade-point average is below 2.5. Students accepted on such a basis should check with the Director of Admissions about specific requirements.

**A 3.30 grade-point average is required on transcripts from Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, Palau and Puerto Rico.

***A total score of 640 or higher is required for admission by GED test with each of the four subject matter tests having a score of 150 or higher.

+Some departments may require advanced mathematics, including Trigonometry. Please check departmental requirements.